Who We Are

Imagine if we could give young people from different backgrounds the opportunity to speak with one another, live, on giant screens!

Wouldn’t it reduce ignorance and ultimately, lessen conflict?

That's what PeaceTech is all about!

We use videoconferencing and social media to bridge groups across large distances. In doing so, we tackle the main causes of conflict by building trust.

Focus on youth

We think helping young people overcome misperception and prejudice is essential. Our programs focus on youth who are affected by armed conflict.

We hold two programs:

  1. Global Classroom: This program with the Philippine Department of Education is for junior and senior high school classes in the Philippines and any country in the world. Here we are using classroom videoconferencing for Values Education, Peace Education and Social Studies throughout the school year. Our objectives are to build tolerance between different religious and ethnic communities and increase knowledge; and
  2. EPIC: This program is for young adults from regions divided by conflict. Youth learn how to use ICT and social media to build relationships with communities they are told to distrust. They also learn skills for peace-building. The program results in projects, which young people implement in their communities.

None of this can be accomplished without the passion of our strikingly good looking staff and partners.