What is Bangsamoro?

Have you heard the word "Bangsamoro" on TV? Have you seen it in the newspapers?

Learning about the Bangsamoro is a great idea, because you might hear the word often over the next year. Here is a little cartoon to help us understand what Bangsamoro is about. What's good for children can't be bad for all of us, no?

In a nutshell, the Bangsamoro is a short way of saying: the Bangsamoro Political Entity. It refers to a region in Mindanao, which could be established in the next few years. If it is established, the people living there will have more autonomy to live how they want to live in a way, which reflects their cultures.

Many countries have regions where people have autonomy over how they live. Can you name some of them?

Which areas could become part of the Bangsamoro?


All the areas in the Autonomous Region could be included if a majority of voters decide to be included. Here is a list of some of the places, which can be included if the people vote for it:

- Most of Basilan and Isabella City

Jolo City

Lanao del Norte
- Baloi
- Marawi City
- Munai
- Nunungan
- Pantar
- Tagoloan
- Tangkal

- Cotabato City

North Cotabato
- Aleosan
- Carmen
- Kabacan
- Midsayap
- Pigkawayan
- Pikit


All the places around the above areas can vote to join the Bangsamoro too! But before they vote, there must be a request from the local government or ten percent of voters living in the place to join the vote