PeaceTech Now

The US Embassy, Manila and PeaceTech launch EPIC – “Empowerment for Peace through Information and Communication”

COTABATO CITY - True to its name, this project is revolutionizing how we use technology to connect young people who are often included in the making of war but excluded from its resolution. The program focuses on hundreds of young people in strategic areas for the resolution of a conflict that has killed approximately 150,000 people. Participants come from: Cotabato City; Maguindanao; N. and S. Cotabato; Zamboanga City; Basilan; Sulu; and Tawi-Tawi. Out-of-school youth and young adults are the main focus.

PeaceTech and partners believe that this kind of project is vital because it focuses ICT on a group, which is surprisingly overlooked:

We need to remember that it is the grassroots, which ultimately decides whether there will be war or peace. If we can use technology to include them, then a peace that is sustainable has a better chance.

Workshops rotate throughout conflict-affected areas ending in Tawi-Tawi before the groups come together en masse through mass videoconferencing. Learnings are sustained through community projects that participants take back to their communities.