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General Terms

This is an Agreement between You and PeaceTech Inc. and it explains our obligations to you, and your obligations to us. Your use of our Web site serves as your consent to the terms of this Agreement.

PeaceTech Inc. will update this Agreement from time to time, usually to reflect new obligations and policies arising from the introduction of new services. It might also be updated to modify or clarify existing obligations and policies.

You should visit this page from time to time to review any changes. If you are a registered user, we may notify you if this Agreement changes, or we may not. Any notification of any changes would be purely a courtesy and are not required by this Agreement.

This Agreement is the entire Agreement between us.

Normal Website Usage

In general, you can browse the PeaceTech Inc. website without telling us who you are and without revealing any personal information. The only information we collect from a normal website visit is your IP (Internet Protocol) address, domain name, browser type, operating system, and information such as the website that referred you to us, the files you downloaded, the pages you visit, and the dates/times of those visits.

This information is collected on an aggregate basis only. For example, PeaceTech Inc. tracks which pages are most popular among visitors as a whole, but we do not track information on which pages an individual visitor might look at during a visit to our site. We do not collect any other information - such as the name, mailing address, email address, or phone number of the visitor - without the visitor's knowledge and permission.

All information that we collect is used for internal review only and not shared with third parties. We use this information to analyse trends and measure site activity to improve the usefulness of the site to our visitors.

Collection of Personally Identifiable Information

If you sign up for a newsletter, donate online, request information, provide feedback, or apply for a job, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, postal address and email address. This information is collected only with your knowledge and permission, and is kept in various PeaceTech Inc. databases. If you donate online, you will be asked to provide your credit card details.


Other than the specific instances outlined in this policy, PeaceTech Inc. does not collect personal information about users or how they use the site. PeaceTech Inc. also does not use the information-tracking devices made possible through "cookies," small pieces of data that may be sent to your Web browser from a server and stored on your computer's hard drive.

Online Donations

PeaceTech Inc. collects the following information through our secure online financial-transaction pages: name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and credit card information. This personally identifiable information is used to acknowledge receipt of your donation for tax purposes and to include you on PeaceTech Inc.'s mailing list if you choose to join it.
When you send a donation in honor or in memory of someone and request that an acknowledgement be sent to another individual or a family, we will use the name and address of that individual or family for acknowledgement purposes only.


We care about the security of your transactions and apply industry-standard practices and technologies to safeguard your credit card information. We use high-grade encryption and the secure https protocol to communicate with your browser software, which guards against interception of the credit card information you give us. We also employ several different security techniques to protect your personally identifiable information from unauthorized access by users inside and outside the organization. The Web servers for PeaceTech Inc. are located in a locked, secure environment, and computer systems are maintained in accordance with industry standards to secure information. You should be aware, however, that “perfect security” does not exist on the Internet, and third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications.

Links to Other Web Sites

PeaceTech Inc.'s site includes links, some temporary and some permanent, to other Web sites. We are not responsible for the privacy and security practices of any other Web site or the nature of the content contained therein.

Linking from Other Web Sites

PeaceTech Inc. may grant the owner of a Web site permission to use a hyperlink to this Web site from its Web site, provided: (a) any such link must clearly be marked "PeaceTech Inc."; (b) the appearance, position and other aspects of either the link or the host Web site may not be such as to damage or dilute the goodwill associated with PeaceTech Inc.'s name and trademarks; (c) the appearance, position and other aspects of either the link or the host Web site may not create the false appearance that any other entity is associated with or sponsored by PeaceTech Inc.; and (d) the link, when activated by a user, must display this Web site full-screen and not with a "frame" on the linked Web site. The owner of any Web site with a hyperlink to this Web site agrees to the foregoing terms and agrees to delete any such link upon notice from PeaceTech Inc. that such permission has been revoked, which notice may be given at any time and for any reason.

PeaceTech Inc. is not responsible for the information or materials contained on Web sites linking to this Web site.

Copyright and Trademark

Unless otherwise indicated, all information contained on this Web site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio and video clips, is copyrighted by and proprietary to PeaceTech Inc.. The content displayed on any page of this Web site may be used for personal and noncommercial uses which do not harm the reputation of PeaceTech Inc., provided that the user does not remove any trademarks, copyright and any other notice contained in such content.

The name and mark, PeaceTech Inc. and its attendant logos and taglines, are trademarks of PeaceTech Inc. and may not be used or reproduced without its prior written consent.


You agree that you will hold harmless PeaceTech Inc. and its officers, directors, trustees, agents, employees, consultants and volunteers from all claims arising out of or related to your access or use of, or your inability to access or use, this Web site or the information, services, products or messages contained in this Web site or other Web sites to which it is linked, including but not limited to claims that you have found something you have heard, viewed or downloaded from this Web site or another Web site to which it is linked to be obscene, offensive, defamatory, or infringing upon your intellectual property rights. In no event will PeaceTech Inc. or the contributors of information to this Web site be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on such information or for any consequential, special or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. YOU HEREBY RELEASE AND FOREVER WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS YOU MAY HAVE AGAINST PEACETECH INC., ITS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, TRUSTEES, AGENTS, EMPLOYEES, CONSULTANTS AND VOLUNTEERS FOR LOSSES OR DAMAGES YOU SUSTAIN IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR USE OF THIS WEB SITE.


This Agreement is governed by and will be enforced in accord with the laws of Makati City, Philippines.

Any action brought against PeaceTech Inc. arising out of or relating to this Agreement must be brought in the courts of Makati City, Philippines and you consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.

Media Submissions

PeaceTech Inc. reserves the right to edit your photo for technical reasons, e.g. to crop it or convert it from color to black and white, in order to meet web site specifications. If after viewing your edited photo you have concerns or wish to have it removed, please contact us.


If you have specific questions or concerns about this Agreement, please contact us.