The Global Classroom Program of PeaceTech is finally on a roll!

4 sections from Grade 8 and 2 Sections from Grade 9 of Lakan Dula High School (Tondo) and Cotabato City National High School – Main Campus simultaneously learned Session 2 (Stereotype, Prejudice and Discrimination) and Session 3 (Basics of Conflict and Violence) of PeaceTech’s Peace Education Module.

Connected via videoconferencing facility, Skype, students from both schools actively shared their experiences and insights on the said topics. Most of them were already connected as friends on Facebook and were always excited to talk to each other after the CVC class.

This is what Peacetech is all about, building bridges and promoting peace through communication.

Special thanks go out to our DepEd teachers who passionately support the program.
We would also like to acknowledge CCNHS-Rojas High School who did the classroom observation last Thursday, March 1, 2018.