Be involved as Philippines makes important decisions regarding Mindanao this month. Join Photo for Peace!

Send us your photo, which represents a peaceful Philippines. It can be a photo of anything you like – an activity; a person; a landscape. Something which symbolizes peace in the Philippines. Submit the photo through your Facebook Account on or before March 1, 2016.

1. Post the photo in your Facebook Account.

2. Include the caption “What does a peaceful Philippines look like?”

3. Include the #PeaceTech #PeaceinThePhilippines


1. You must be the person who took the picture.
2. Only one entry per contestant is allowed.

Photos are judged by a combination of most “likes” on Facebook and votes from the PeaceTech Panel. Winners will be featured on this website and on the PeaceTech Fb page. If your photo wins first prize, you will receive a PeaceTech shirt and baller ID.