Last April 5, 2018, PeaceTech Inc., in partnership with the American Spaces Philippines and the US Embassy in Manila, launched iASEAN Youth Connect, a virtual conversation that features young people’s voices as they engage in an online dialogue with their peers from other ASEAN countries. The online event last April 5, 2018 were held in three partner venues, with the American Corner, Ateneo de Zamboanga University (Philippines), acting as the host, joined by the American Corner Sarawak, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak (Malaysia), and the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM) of the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology-MSU-IIT (Philippines).

Youth guests from each of the three venues engaged in a fruitful dialogue about the event’s theme ‘Digital Citizens for Peace.’ Alumni and members of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) program of the United States Embassy served as youth guests/panelists and showcased their experience and initiatives in the region. The 2-hr event was streamed online through Facebook Live, and a recorded version can be accessed here

iASEAN Youth Connect is the American Spaces’ initiative to provide internet connectivity to open doors of educational opportunities in the Mindanao region in the Philippines. The program is guided by a main theme: “iASEAN: Involvement, Inclusiveness and Innovation of the Youth in ASEAN region”.

Two more upcoming events are planned for iASEAN Youth Connect. The next event will be held on May 31, from 1030am-1230pm, and will discuss the theme ‘ASEAN Youth for Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change.’ It will connect American Spaces in Phnom Penh, Jakarta, and hosted by American Corner, Tawi-Tawi (Philippines). Find out more and join us on our Facebook page: