The Reconstruction of Basketball Ring project implemented by OSYs in Barangay Sayugan, Lamitan, Basilan, According to the update of Mr. Amat Salarain (OSY from Basilan), their project was completed last December of 2014. After its completion, they conducted a mini-league which was participated by the residents and OSYs of the said barangay and from Barangay Tipo-Tipo then formed it into four groups. Aside from basketball, they also included volleyball and small games for children. The over-all champion of the league was from the Barangay Sayugan. Mr. Amat indicated that the event conducted was successful because there are more than a hundred individuals participated the mini-league and up to now, the youths of the Barangay and it’s neighboring places still use the basketball rings. Residents are grateful also because they believed that playing basketball is a healthy habit for everyone. Currently, project basketball rings are intact and in place and residents enjoy using it.