The Solid Waste Management Project was implemented by EPIC OSYs in Barangay Malingaw, Midsayap, North Cotabato. OSY and team leader Sammy Dalanda went personally to check on the status of their project implementation last February 22, 2015. He brought with him a letter from the Barangay and some captions from the area implemented. In his update, from the 12 trash bags donated, only 2 left and they are again requesting for it. Although the paint of the garbage can’s housing is starting to vanish, residents are thankful because the cans are still there and they can still use it. Beneficiaries of the project are said to be one hundred eighty-three families (183). One of the Barangay Official were grateful about the project and wrote a letter written by Mrs. Dacongan M. Guiamalo, the barangay secretary (in behalf of the chairman and community), here’s the translation: [“Putting the garbage cans to our Barangay is beneficial to the residents. They are now aware of the waste segregation from “Nabubulok” (which can be sold and can make money out of it) and “Di-Nabubulok” (which is used as fertilizers). Residents also were now aware that the proper throwing of garbage can be helpful to prevent any diseases or sickness. Thank you very much for teaching us and by putting these garbage cans to our barangay”].