A total of 18 teachers from 6 high schools got together in Cotabato City for a 2.5-day Teachers’ Training for PeaceTech’s Global Classroom Program.

Global Classroom is a program that uses videoconferencing to link students from 2 high schools so they can learn together through wide screens – in real time. The program uses a 6-module peace education curriculum, developed and annually improved through a partnership between PeaceTech Inc. and the Philippine’s Department of Education (DepEd).

During the Teachers’ Training, old and new Global Classroom teachers shared experience and good practices in classroom videoconfrencing or CVC. Teachers also went through the 6 modules on Peace Education, revising and improving both its content process.

On Day 2, Mr. Renato Bendigosa, DepEd Cotabato Division Office’s Peace Coordinator, shared with the teachers some basics of peace education, the government’s mandate in integrating it in the curriculum, as well as the values and principles of living a ‘Culture of Peace.’

On the 3rd day, April 28, teachers were challenged to a ‘Practice Lab’ where they ran one module in pairs, and then got constructive¬†feedback on their facilitation and delivery skills. It was a fun day for everyone, as teachers got to be put both into the shoes of being a teacher and a student. The ‘Practice Lab’ was a practical way to also review the contents of the module, the questions being asked during processing of exercises, and the presentations to be given. It gave teachers a more ‘realistic’ overview of what happens during Global Classroom. All the teachers got to input their opinions and suggestions to not just improve the modules, but also to improve their facilitation and connection with each other. Teachers with more extensive experience of doing CVCs shared some problem-prevention and troubleshooting tips, as well as small techniques that could help make the CVCs run smoothly.

On the afternoon of April 28, participants were honored to be joined by Ms. Emily Enolpe, Education Program Supervisor, DepEd Region XII, shared about her first encounter with PeaceTech back when she was still in the DepEd Cotabato Division, and some insights on sustainability and continuity of the program. She challenged the teachers to ‘take into their own hands’ the responsibility of ensuring that the learning of the students will be used beyond the four corners of the classroom, through other initiatives and extra-curricular activities. The event is also grateful to have the presence of four #epicyouth2017 peace ambassadors, who shared with the teachers some tips (Do’s and Dont’s) on social media usage, and shared their personal experiences on what it means to be responsible digital citizens in their age as ‘millenials.’

Before the end of the day, teachers sat together to plan for SY 2018-2019. They also paired up with their partner schools and agreed on a schedule for the implementation of GC in their respective schools, as well as a communication strategy. On the last session, they were invited to take part in developing Global Classroom’s Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy. Together they revised the pre and post assessment questionnaire and checked it against the 4 main expected outcomes of the PeaceTech-Telus programming. They also gave their inputs on the indicators, tools/instruments to be used, and different means and methods of verification to ensure that the program can measure impact both quantitatively and qualitatively. Participants also discussed ‘next steps’ and finalized the sharing of responsibilities among the stakeholders of the program.

PeaceTech Inc. would like to thank everyone who has been part of this journey, especially the following teachers from our SY 2018-2019 program schools:

Mr. Julius Ledesma, Mr. Norhanudin Bryan Adam and Mr. Samer Mentoc of Cotabato City National High School – Main Campus

Ms. Marylyn Lampitoc and Ms. Michelle Uy of Cotabato City National High School – Rojas Site

Ms. Dolores Quiambao and Ms. Veronica Himalaya of Esteban Abada High School, Manila

Ms. Malou Villaflor, Ms. Arlene Hernando and Ms. Tish Penuela of Lakan Dula High School, Manila

Ms. Eden Enoch and Mr. Dennis Calingatan of Raja Soliman Science and Technology High School, Manila

Ms. Fedelyn Gomez and Mr. Felix Estillore of Tomas Cabili National High School, Iligan City

PeaceTech would also like to acknowledge the work of the following people, as without them, this event would not have been possible:

Ms. Julie Ann Enolpe – Program Coordinator of PeaceTech’s Global Classroom Program; Ms. Jeanette Gaudiano, Peace Coordinator-CCNHS Main; and Mr. Jonathan Husain, Planning Officer-CCNHS Main.

The PeaceTech Global Classroom Teacher’s Training was held from April 26-29, 2018 at Granny’s Garden, Datu Odin, Maguindanao and Cotabato City National High School-Main Campus (CCNHS-Main). It is¬†made possible through the support of the Philippine’s Department of Education (Cotabato City Schools Division) and the Telus Community Board.